• Don’t forget to stretch!

    Don’t forget to stretch!

    Stretching is so important in dance. It helps improve your flexibility and ideally you should be stretching for at least 30 minutes every day…yes everyday!

    Below are two of Dance Crazy’s favourite stretches that you can add to your stretching routine to help avoid injury, muscle cramp and increase your fantastic performance.

    **Frog stretch: Start off this stretch on your knees which should be fully bent and keep your feet together beneath the buttocks. Then open the knees into a “V” shape and slowly walk your arms and torso forward…don’t forget to breath! Hold for 2-5 minutes. Always make sure to keep your knees and ankles in line at a 90 degree angle.

    While it may look a bit odd, this exercise does wonders for your hips!

    Frog stretch

    **Heel walks:

    This weight-bearing exercise works the muscles that support the front of the ankle and strengthens the feet too…two for one so to speak!

    First off, lift both your feet so you are on your heels as you walk. Keep toes pointed forward but off the ground. Then take 20 small steps as you walk forward, turn around and walk back.

    Note that you can do heel walks with or without shoes..whichever you prefer.

    heel walk

    So what are you waiting for…get stretching!!








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