• What’s in your dance bag?

    What’s in your dance bag? It’s a question we all want to ask our fellow dancers isn’t it? Here are some essential products Dance Crazy love to have to hand for dance class or upcoming competitions…

    **Extra tights: It’s so important to make sure you have a pair and a spare. You never can be sure when you will get a run.


    **Bobby pins: Just the thing to perfect a bun for ballet or manage any fly-aways

    bobby pins

    **Flexi band: For a good stretch…so easy to use


    Water bottle: Hydration, hydration, hydration! Stay hydrated during dance class or competitions. Keep a water bottle handy and fill up throughout the day


    water botle

    **Hair bobbins: Nothing worse than the elastic popping just as your putting your hair up. Always handy to keep a few in your bag just in case

    hair elastic

    **Sewing kit: Last minute costumer rip…you won’t sweat it if you have this in your dance bag




    So, what’s in your dance bag? Anything you would add to the list of essentials?




**Due to the Covid19 outbreak any orders placed will not be fulfilled until the restrictions are lifted**